Recently in Awkwardness

This semester I’m taking Forensic Anthropology, which has been pretty dull so far since it’s been all law & stuff, but now we’re past that and it’s starting to pick up. It is definitely not true that dead men tell no tales. Bones tell SO MUCH about how a person lived. Not just age & that sort of thing, but what they did for a living, how strong they were, what kind of diseases or nutritional problems they had. I’ve heard archaeologists talk about figuring out that someone was a pipe-smoker because of wear marks in their teeth.  Illnesses like syphilis & tuberculosis leave all kinds of deformities on skulls and vertebrae, and if you want to be scared into taking a trip to the dentist have a look at historic mandibles that have big holes in them from tooth infections that have eaten away the bone.

I discovered that Southern India is home to a crazy whip sword that looks like the stuff of nightmares, as if regular swords weren’t dangerous enough.

Hurricane Matthew is blowing things around in the Caribbean right now, it probably won’t hit Tampa but I’m watching it.

I got my first check ever from Shutterstock!  They have a $500 threshold for paper checks, so THAT was a good day.  Took me almost exactly three years.

If you’re like me & completely obsessed with Stranger Things but have no outlet for it, FoundFlix on Youtube has a playlist of videos detailing his theories of the show, which are pretty interesting.  I built a Pinterest board of ST fan art, which is numerous and amazing for a show that’s only been around for a couple of months.  I’ve seen most of it three times over now, but I seriously wish I could go back & watch it blind again, it’s that amazing.


This Week in Awkwardness

I requested a transcript from my community college to be sent to USF so I think that’s my application completed, now I’m just waiting to find out if they’ll let me in.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to go on a trip in the fall, and I never do.  Maybe this will be the year….

I found a show called Aquarius that’s a sort of half-fiction based around Charles Manson.  I’ve only gotten through the first episode so far but it seems pretty good.

Book Finished:

Dead Wake, by Erik Larson

This is the story of the Lusitania and her fatal meeting with Unterseeboot-20 off the coast of Ireland in 1915, set against the broader backdrop of war and espionage.  Larson does an excellent job weaving his tale from the smaller experiences of the liner’s passengers, the the captains and crews of both ships, and the highest officials of England, Germany, and the United States.  Suspense builds throughout as “Lucy” steams toward Liverpool and U-20 makes her way around Ireland from the north.  I’m always impressed when an author can make me dread the ending to a story I already know – Larson doesn’t disappoint.

Favorite Quote:

“He was to be a willing guide for first-class passengers wishing to learn more about the ship; he was to preside over dinners with prominent passengers; he was to walk the ship and engage passengers in conversation about the weather, their reasons for crossing the Atlantic, the books they were reading.  [Captain] Turner would sooner bathe in bilge.  According to Mabel Every, he described passengers as ‘a load of bloody monkeys who are constantly chattering.'”

Added to the Travel Map:

Wicklow, Ireland.

Wicklow Mountains National Park, Wicklow, Ireland.