This Week (And Last Week) In Awkwardness

I’ve realized that I don’t much care for the landscape here.  The rocks & desert are pretty but ultimately I prefer forests.

Book (Un)Finished:

Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, by Vincent Bugliosi

This is the book I mentioned in another post, the one Parkland comes from.  I’m sure it would be fascinating for a hardcore Kennedy scholar or conspiracy buff, but I’m neither and it would take me a year to get through this dense, 3 inch thick beast with any kind of comprehension.  I just flipped around and read pieces that seemed interesting, like the section on Oswald’s childhood and the analysis of the Zapruder film.  Even with the little I covered it’s very clear that Bugliosi doesn’t think much of the Kennedy conspiracists or their theories.  A full third of the book is devoted to shooting down these plots; the lists of conspirators named by theorists include more than 200 individuals, every group from the Catholic Church to extraterrestrials, and nearly 100 assassins.  As Bugliosi puts it, “With at least 82 gunmen shooting at Kennedy in Dealy Plaza that day, it’s remarkable that Kennedy’s body was sufficiently intact to make it to the autopsy table.”


Added to the Travel Map:

Cevennes National Park, Languedoc-Roussillon, France.

Sweetwater Creek State Park, Lithia Springs, Georgia – has ruins of a cotton mill burned during the Civil War.