This Week in Awkwardness

I got to throw an atlatl in my North American Archaeology class, & didn’t do too bad with it.  I mean I didn’t hit the mammoth outline but the spear stuck in the ground instead of just lamely falling down so that’s something.  I was wearing my field school t-shirt & my teacher was like “oh you did the St. Mary’s one, that’s a good program” so yay me for choosing well!

I found an app called StayOnTask that occasionally asks if you’re actually working, says “Get back to work RIGHT NOW!” if you aren’t, and if you try to use your phone it very ominously says “You should be working…” in the taskbar. It’s surprisingly effective, because I know it’s just sitting there, watching me…

I downloaded Blender, the free open-source software we’re using in class to make our 3D reconstructions, & started playing with it.  It’s a lot of fun!  It’s funny, I have a strong need for a creative outlet but I’m so obsessed with details that I can’t really draw or paint without getting frustrated, 3D rendering of actual buildings is nothing but details so it really fills that void.  I hope to have something worth showing off soon.


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