This Week in Awkwardness

I got my train ticket booked!  I’ll be taking Amtrak’s Silver Star 934 miles from Orlando, Florida to Alexandria, Virginia.  I keep trying to figure out how to get from St. Mary’s City into D.C. without a car, and even though there’s a ton of public transit through there, it’s pretty much impossible because the times just don’t match up.  I think if I want to go anywhere I’ll have to take a bus to Lexington Park and rent a car.  Maybe one of my fellow students who does have a car will want to go places or at least let me borrow it.

This week I visited International Plaza, the fanciest shopping mall I’ve ever been to.  Valet parking, chandeliers in the food court, Tiffany jewelry store on the premises kind of fancy.  I couldn’t find so much as a pair of pants that didn’t cost my whole paycheck.  I wandered into one store wondering if this is one of those places that I REALLY don’t belong, then found a ratty pair of jeans on the clearance rack marked down to $85 from $245 and was like YUP.

I discovered SkyScanner, which is not just any old flight search engine – it searches all the flights from entire COUNTRIES over months at a time to find the best deals, so if you’re flexible about when you travel and exactly which cities you fly out of and/or into, it’s a fantastic resource.  My days of wandering through multiple airline sites plugging in various cities and seeing what happens are over!

Added to the Travel Map:

Karlu Karlu, Northern Territory, Australia – piles of giant boulders also known as Devil’s Marbles because Satanic placenames rule I guess.

Foundry Branch Trolley Bridge, Glover Archibold Park, Washington, D.C. – abandoned in the woods.

Dinosaur Kingdom II, Natural Bridge, Virginia – a museum depicting Civil War soldiers fighting dinosaurs.

Devil’s Hole Ruins, Cresco, Pennsylvania – remains of….something – a ski lodge, a speakeasy – nobody knows.

Map Rock, Melba, Idaho – ancient petroglyph map of the Snake & Salmon Rivers, carved into a rock.

Livraria Bertrand, Lisbon, Portugal – world’s oldest still-operating bookstore, established in 1732.

Asik-Asik Falls, Alamada, Philippines – waterfall in a lush jungle, only discovered in 2010.

Bayers Lake Mystery Walls, Halifax, Nova Scotia – another set of stone walls that nobody remembers the purpose of – five sides, maybe a fort.


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