This Week in Awkwardness: The Resurrection of the Website

I have officially reopened my Smugmug site!ย  If you are so inclined, you can now purchase prints of the best photos featured here on the blog as well as others from my wanderings.

I’ve also been adding to my Instagram, (gaining double-digit followers was exciting for some reason) although I pretty much just stick them on there at random since I’m posting old stuff and putting them in any kind of order is no fun.

I’m DOOONNNEEEEE with spring semester!ย  I’ve got almost a month to relax before I head off to Maryland.ย  I don’t even know what to do with my evenings anymore, now that I don’t have something to frantically read or write for class the next day.

Added to the Travel Map:

Keys Ranch, Joshua Tree National Park, California – abandoned; accessible only by guided tour.

Cinnamon Bay Plantation, Virgin Islands National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands – ruins of an 18th-century sugar plantation.

Amatol, New Jersey – ghost town that was once a munitions village.

Fort Ord National Monument, Salinas, California – abandoned military base.

Zamskhang Palace, Sumur, India – abandoned ruin but so hard to get to that it’s still full of amazing Buddhist statues & silk paintings.

Museum of Failure, Helsingborg, Sweden – who doesn’t love a good fail?

North Field, Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands – site where atomic bombs were assembled and loaded before being dropped on Japan.