This Month in Awkwardness

Hurricane Matthew blustered at us a little bit on this side of the state, but not much.  I actually went to the zoo the day after it made landfall since it was overcast & relatively cool.  They have two baby orangutans right now & they’re pretty cute, plus it was all decorated for Halloween.  The best way to avoid crowds of tourists is to do things on what they consider the crappy days.  I went to Dollywood in the pouring rain and it was awesome, there were no lines for any of the rides.  Cooler days are great for zoos because the animals don’t just lay around panting.

I want to go on another train trip so bad!  If I could I would even go on a day trip to Orlando or Miami just for the heck of it but the way the schedules run I’d have to spend the night & come back the next day.

The State of Florida is trying to take away the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, sign here to ask the governor to prevent this nonsense.

I’ve got about a month left in this semester and then I’ll be halfway through my time at USF!

Added to the Travel Map:

Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China – stunning rivers & waterfalls.

Missouri Mines State Historic Site, Park Hills, Missouri – abandoned mining complex.

PACBAR III, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands – abandoned Cold War radar station.

Kyrkö Car Cemetery, Ryd, Sweden – junked cars in a peat bog.

Lester, Washington – ghost town.



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