Recently in Awkwardness

We are currently in the midst of our second named weather event of the season, Hurricane Hermine.  The storm itself will make landfall later tonight north of me in the panhandle, but it’s spinning off tons of rain & dropping it over the entire state.  The parking lot outside my apartment looks like a lake.  USF closed all three campuses today, I don’t have class on Thursdays anyway but it got me out of work so that’s cool.

Now that I’m a couple semesters into studying anthropology, I’ve started to notice symbols everywhere.  Words, actions, & objects so often have meaning beyond just what they are, & somehow I never really noticed.  There are so many things we do everyday that someone from a different culture wouldn’t grasp at all, it’s kind of mindblowing.

I’m completely obsessed with the YouTube channel CinemaSins.  Like to the point where I’m hearing them narrate my life.  A bird was running away from me as I was walking yesterday & I thought ‘this bird went to the Prometheus school of running away from things’.  I don’t know if that’s better or worse than the time I was in the middle of reading the Game of Thrones series, saw a little kid carrying two riding helmets while walking along behind some people on horseback, & assumed he was a squire.

Some guy murdered Pinky the Flamingo at Busch Gardens.  What kind of dirtbag do you have to be to murder a flamingo?

Also, this incredible photo essay on the Flint Water Crisis.


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