This Week in Awkwardness

I survived my first named weather entity of this season, Tropical Storm Colin. Basically a two-day thunderstorm where I am, I didn’t even lose power, but I know some places closer to the water had problems.  I didn’t go to the beach for this one like I have in the past, which is unfortunate because there were some WILD pictures coming from the storm front.

I signed three different petitions to have Judge Aaron Persky removed from his post in light of the appalling sentence he handed down for convicted rapist Brock Turner.  I doubt they have any legal weight, not being officially run through Persky’s district, but I figure the pressure of thousands of voices will get someone to do something.  If you want to add your name, here are the links:

Official White House Petition


There’s also 4 petitions on but most of them are from UltraViolet anyway so sign as you see fit.  Honestly, you could probably Google “Stanford Judge Petition” and come up with about 80 different things at this point.  He’s already got potential jurors refusing to serve under him so someone’s going to have to do something about him eventually.

I rode the bus all the way downtown to the River Arts District, which looked awesome but it was of course insanely hot so I didn’t get to wander much.  I love public transit.  It’s good for the environment, for not having to fight traffic, and for just getting to know a place.  I’ll ride random buses around random cities just because it’s such a great way to see an area without having to figure out where you are or where you’re going.

Speaking of traffic & transit, Florida decided that since traffic on I-275 & other highways through Tampa is so terrible, they’re going to forgo giving people any options besides driving and just add some toll lanes, wiping out all sorts of historic buildings & hurting neighborhoods all over the city.  The project will cost about $9,000,000,000 (seriously – I didn’t just add zeros until it looked good) and then only people with enough money to pay $2 or $3 per mile will actually get any sort of benefit from it.  But hey, why build a light rail system when you can just ruin a bunch of stuff to make life easier for rich people?  Basically it’s a godawful plan so I signed a couple petitions & sent a bunch of emails to various elected officials about that too.

 Crossed Off the Travel Map:

Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa. Florida

Added to the Travel Map:

Snowdonia National Park, Trawsfynydd, Wales – lakes, mountains, hiking – plus the name is kind of cool.

And some more ghost towns:

Cahawba, Alabama – the state’s first capital.

Glenrio Historic District, Texas/New Mexico.

Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark, Alaska – pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Swan Island, Richmond, Maine – hiking, camping, abandoned homes.


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