Recently in Awkwardness

I’m just one class day & a couple of final exams from being done with my first semester at USF!  I found out this semester that what I really want to do is called historical archaeology.  Basically the archaeology of the last 500 years or so, from the Colonial Period/Age of Exploration forward (in North America at least).  I have very little interest in ancient stuff, I’m much more fascinated by forts, battlefields, shipwrecks, abandoned towns, and new discoveries made in places that are still occupied.

Also I’ve watched many episodes of Bones over the last few weeks.

I’ve been in one place too long, lately all I do is daydream about other places….

Crossed Off the Travel Map:

Live Oak International, a prestigious horse show held annually in Ocala, Florida.

Anna Maria Island, Florida.  A beautiful but crowded barrier island south of Tampa.

Added to the Travel Map:

Trim, Ireland – most standing Medieval buildings of any town in the country.

The Ocean – VIA Rail’s route between Montreal, Quebec & Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida.

Williamsburg, Virginia.

Tampa Bay History Center, Tampa, Florida.  They have an exhibit on right now about the archaeology of Fort Brooke.


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