This Month in Awkwardness

I signed up for my classes and got my books, then one of the professors emailed saying we needed a different edition of the book than what was on the university’s book list, then they cancelled one of my classes and didn’t tell me, then I decided to do a history minor and switched out the class with the wrong book for a different class altogether, then it turned out that one didn’t fulfill the requirement I thought it did so I changed everything up again, then I returned two of my books and ordered three different ones.  So basically I’ve done everything twice.  But for the moment I think I have everything under control.  Amazon is my friend, their textbook rentals are almost always cheaper than USF’s, sometimes drastically so.

I attended a Florida Public Archaeology Network’s volunteer archaeology lab at Weedon Island Preserve.  We were doing a rough sort of shells and other material gathered from one of their midden, or ancient trash pile, excavations, which basically amounts to sorting out someone’s 1,000-year-old dirty garbage.  It was interesting though, I guess they count or weigh all the different kinds of shells and from that they can tell what the group’s nutrition was like.  Based on the ear bones of fish they can actually tell things about the environment when the fish was alive, like the water temperature.  After the lab I went through their museum and out on one of the many trails in the preserve, although it wasn’t the one I had intended to hike.  The prize of their museum is a dugout canoe that sat in the mud for 1,000 years, and they had a really good exhibit around it.

2015.12.11.001 2015.12.11.002

Crossed Off the Travel Map:

Weedon Island Preserve, St. Petersburg, Florida – a beautiful nature park with strong archaeology programs.

Added to the Travel Map:

Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, England – possibly the oldest Christian church in Britain.

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark – they’ll even teach you to sail one!

Barboursville Ruins, Barboursville, Virginia – burned-down mansion designed by Thomas Jefferson.


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