This Week in Awkwardness

All but the latest trees have their leaves, the lilacs are starting to bloom, and the temperature has been higher than 45 for several days in a row. All of the sudden it’s summer.

SeaWorld has a new commercial out desperately trying to convince me that they’re doing a bang up job taking care of their whales. One of the points they made was some “government research” finding that orcas live just as long in captivity as they do in the wild. Ummmm. Hm. Right. EVERY sign on the side of EVERY zoo exhibit, EVERY article on EVERY animal I’ve EVER read it says like the name and where it lives, and under that ‘Lifespan: Wild – 1-3 years, Captivity – a gajillion years’ or something like that. Sooooo….I’m supposed to be impressed that your whales, being fed & generally taken care of & whatnot, don’t live any longer than wild whales who have to feed themselves, fight off predators, and get by without vets looking after them? Good job I guess?

Added to the Travel Map:

New River Gorge National River, West Virginia – seems to be littered with well-preserved ghost towns.


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