Epic Information Fail

I’ve gotten a few things from the bazillion colleges that I asked for more information from, and I’m genuinely surprised at how little actual information they’ve sent.  I guess I don’t really know what I expected, maybe something about their application processes & deadlines, what they look for in applicants, more details about their anthropology programs since they all asked what I was interested in.  What I got was a little pile of pamphlets & swag that basically tells me nothing.  The University of Michigan even said they wanted to look up my ACT scores, you know what they sent?  An over sized postcard with a bumper sticker and an appeal to put it on something and post a photo to Instagram with #goblue.  How is that supposed to help me choose them over some other school?  When I asked for more information it was because I wanted more information, not a booklet of all the companies that have hired their graduates, a breakdown of their football statistics, or what the social scene is like in their city.  This is about whether you fit into my future plans, not how cool you think you are.


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