This Week in Awkwardness

It’s strange to think that just two weeks ago I had no direction, and now I’m starting to form an actual plan for the next couple of years.  When I first started looking at colleges I thought I’d narrow it down to three, and that seemed like an impossible task.  A week or so of research and I pretty much settled on the University of South Florida.  Today I started freaking out that it was the wrong choice, and now I’m back to thinking it’s a good one.  Anyway I asked like 14 schools to send me more information so I’m going to be getting junk mail forever.

Added to the Travel Map:

Lakehurst Naval Air Center, Lakehurst, New Jersey – site of the Hindenburg Disaster.

Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, Australia – wild looking rock formations.

Grossinger’s Resort, Liberty, New York – abandoned.

Craco, Italy – a ghost town.


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