Utter Confusion

My current plan is to start school in the winter semester.  That will allow me to fulfill the contract on my summer job and give me plenty of time to move to a new city, get settled in, get all the t’s crossed & i’s dotted, generally make sure all the pieces are in place before I start classes.  I was going to apply today, but they won’t let me yet.  The only choices on the application are summer or fall.  That wouldn’t matter, I could wait to apply, except that they want my FAFSA by March 1st.  So I did the FAFSA, but they can’t add it to an application that I can’t put in.  So now what?  Should I put fall on my application and change it to winter if I get in?  What if I have to pay a deposit before I can change it?  The deposit doesn’t change to a new semester.  I have no idea when the winter applications will be available.  I emailed the school but they haven’t gotten back to me yet and even when they do I have no idea if the information will be useful.  Half the time when I email an entity like that I get back a cut-and-paste answer with things I already know.


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