This Week (and Last Week) in Awkwardness

I found a coyote by the side of the road who was hobbling around on three legs.  I contacted the Arizona Fish & Game people but they said as long as it was still mobile it was best to leave it be to heal on its own. :/

I shot some new light painting of dead trees & cacti & whatnot.


I can now add earthquake to the list of natural phenomena I’ve survived.  (a list that includes tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, Hanson, and about seven different doomsday prophesies)  The 4.7 magnitude quake that struck Sedona on Sunday night had me confusedly wandering through my apartment trying to figure out if the furnace had finally blown up and whether or not there was a burglar in my pantry.

I found out that Skinheads aren’t what we think they are.  I discovered this when I read about SHARP, Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, and thought that sounded like the end-all anachronism.  I always associated Skinheads with Neo-Nazis and the KKK, just another group with a massive superiority complex based on their skin color.  It turns out Skinheads are a sub-culture like any other, with an identity based around their favored music and fashion styles, and basically nothing to do with politics on any organized group level.  They just ended up with a bunch of racists in their ranks giving them a bad name.

Crossed Off the Travel Map:

Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, AZ


Added to the Travel Map:

Someplace Where I Can See a Whale Shark.

Someplace Where I Can See a Great White Shark (from a large boat, way up off the water.  not a cage in the water.  you people are crazy.)

Vogelsang, Germany – abandoned Soviet town/base.

Rock-A-Hoola Water Park, Newberry Springs, California – abandoned. (a water park in the desert, really?  you didn’t see that coming?)

Ordensburg Vogelsang, Morsbach, Germany – abandoned Nazi college.

Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – the world’s only Buddhist-themed water park.

Washington, D.C.

Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria – the library from Beauty & the Beast is real!

Longbridge Tunnels, Longbridge, England – abandoned, left over from World War 2.

Xihai Scenic Area, Jiangxi, China

Wolf’s Lair, Ketrzyn, Poland – ruins of Hitler’s bunker.


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